Deborah Vrabel, M.A.

Deborah Vrabel, M.A.

Deborah Vrabel Resume

Deborah Vrabel is a seasoned writer with over 30 years’ experience working with government agencies, educational institutions, professional organizations, nonprofits, and government contractors.

Clients appreciate her ability to produce clear, useful, compelling, memorable written content that matches their needs; conduct productive background research; work independently or collaboratively; and navigate complex communications challenges.

Ms. Vrabel has assisted statewide teams of education leaders in crafting and issuing policy recommendations and reports and has written federal grant applications with teams of university faculty and state employees. She also has worked with teams of teachers and education experts to develop handbooks for guiding school administrators in planning, curriculum development, professional learning, educational technology, and program advocacy. She served as editor and feature writer for an arts education newsletter with national and state readership and played a key role in planning and delivering teacher professional development initiatives.

Previously, she was a technical communicator for contractors at NASA Glenn Research Center, where she assisted scientists and engineers in explaining and marketing their research and technology development projects to Center management, NASA HQ, the business community, and the public. She also edited a newsletter for computer users, scripted and produced videos, and assisted the Ohio Aerospace Institute during its early years to develop messaging and create brochures, newsletters, and a video.

Her teaching experience includes courses in technical writing for engineers in her company and technical and college writing for students in two associate degree programs.

Ms. Vrabel strives to be a creative generalist, maintaining a broad knowledge of scholarship, issues, developments, and innovations in education, business, the arts, technology, and the social sciences. As a team member, she is noted for her flexibility: she can facilitate the dialogue, outline and draft documents, manage reviews and rewrite quickly, contribute creative ideas and visuals, create print layouts and websites, and manage details.

Currently, she is consulting with proposal teams and developing new collaborative structures and techniques for a book project.

Ms. Vrabel earned her MA in Journalism and Mass Communications at Kent State University and her BA in English at Youngstown State University.