Sample: Vision-21

  • Content: technical papers from NASA conferences, symposia, and workshops
  • Role: editor of seven conference publication volumes. After the conference manager determined which researchers would present papers, Ziegfeld established format standards and production guidelines and then managed the project—from gathering papers through editing for coherence/consistency to printing and distribution.
  • Description: each volume has 25-135 papers & 240-900 pg.
  • Publication: NASA Glenn Research, 1986-99



Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook

  • Content: “New Entry” section concentrates on new authors or new works by authors covered earlier in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series. Each essay on a writer provides a short biography, a plot summary, analysis of major writer’s major themes, and a primary and secondary bibliography.
  • Role: Editor, “New Entry” section; co-editor of yearbook
  • Description: Five volumes in a high-end hardback reference series. Contains photos of authors and memorabilia. Ziegfeld edited the “New Entry” section (1980-1984). Audience is lay readers and students.
  • Publication: Bruccoli-Clark, 1980-1984
  • Notes: Ziegfeld pioneered using photos of writer memorabilia and personal photos chosen by the writer instead of standard publicity head shots.