All stages to evoke the best possible product, starting with the idea, to shaping content, and through the review cycle. We know that our job is to improve the document while maintaining accurate content and effective relationships with the experts whose work we edit.

  • Pre-writing: Create strategy, generate ideas, develop outline, and resolve organizational issues
  • Writing: Evoke accessible, accurate content—may involve techniques such as taping content and talking through ideas
  • Revision: Edit content, create unified voice, and quality check through copyediting and proofreading
  • Screen design/format for electronic products: Layout, color, interaction, branching, graphics, simulations, questions/answers


Advanced optical diagnostics, aerospace and medical technology, animation, artificial intelligence, automated target recognition, biography, biology, branching, business process, cloud, computation fluid dynamics, computer-based training systems, cryogenic fluid densification and management, cyberspace, film, fundamental science (fluid physics, combustion, microgravity, aeroacoustics, power, propulsion), information technology products and processes, intellectual property, interaction, interactive fiction, knowledge management, literary criticism, literary history, literature, managing electronic writing teams, probabilistic methods, quality assurance, simulation, space electronics, space, taxi fares and policy, telecommunications, travel, theater, and website design and management

Product types

  • Annual reports, brochures, newsletters, business plans, strategic plans
  • Computer-based training courseware, online documentation, field help
  • Documentation—software, hardware, and peripherals
  • Contract proposals, grants, and fellowships
  • Research articles and technical reports
  • Style guides for electronic products