One-stop source because, as proposal consultants, we handle all stages

  • Pre-writing: cultivate client; plan capture; assemble team; develop approach to technical solution, management, cost; create outline
  • Writing: manage and participate in the writing process
  • Revision: refine content, perform quality check, hone the marketing “sell” points, package the product


Proposal manager; volume lead for technical, management, past performance, and risk volumes; writer, editor


  • STEM: Advanced optical diagnostics; aerospace and medical technology; agriculture; animation; anthropology; artificial intelligence; automated target recognition; biography; biology; branching; business process; chemistry; climate change; cloud; computation fluid dynamics; computer-based training systems; computer science; cryogenic fluid densification and management; cyber, food science; engineering (aerospace, civil, electrical, materials, structural); fundamental science (biology, chemistry, fluid physics, combustion, microgravity, aeroacoustics, power, propulsion); geology; information technology products and processes; machine learning; nutrition; probabilistic methods; space electronics; space, telecommunications,
  • Education: K-12 and university levels; focus on best practices, design, evaluation, needs assessment, media selection, policy, special education, and workforce planning
  • Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences: Art education, film; intellectual property; interaction; interactive fiction; knowledge management; literary criticism; literary history; literature; psychology; simulation; sociology; travel; theater; and website design and management
  • Business: Managing electronic writing teams, quality assurance, taxi fares and policy

Product types

  • Contract proposals, grants, and fellowships
  • Independent research and development (IR&D) applications
  • Proposals for books (to publishing houses)
  • Request for information (RFI) responses and Sources-Sought documents
  • Request for proposal (RFP) responses for clients seeking government contracts and RFP solicitations on behalf of the government