A&E Bio Cover Great Ziegfeld DVD

Lecture on Florenz Ziegfeld, Impresario Extraordinaire

Lecture on Show Boat


Transforming General Aviation into Personal Transportation (video) … 7 conference publications for NASA on microgravity combustion & fluid physics & on engineering & science in cyberspace and space travel … series of 35 technical marketing sheets


Exxon-Mobil & SONY BMG Korea press releases … 3 organization newsletters … job descriptions (precision manufacturing firm) … ISO 9001 documents

Contract Proposals

Management sections in Navy business contracts such as ERP 1.1 & SPAWAR Programs for SAP conversion … technical section on optimizing transportation algorithms for DoD … cryogenic densification … an integrated approach to automated target recognition … propulsion engineering capabilities for space transportation … MMIC K-b and low noise receiver for inter-satellite link

Education & Training

Me in the Future: A Science Program for Special Education (book) … recruiting brochures for Gilmour Academy … maintenance training on F-18 aircraft … T-45 aircraft pilot training


The Ziegfeld Touch … consulting A&E TV documentary in its Biography series, & Warner companion DVD for The Great Ziegfeld, & Timeline’s documentary on film/stage star Olive Thomas … Stanislaw Lem (monograph on Polish novelist)


Desktop Publishing for the Writer (book & video) … AIS-II CAI Style Manual … “Interactive Fiction: A New Literary Form?” … “Preparing for a Large-Scale Courseware Project”