We handle a wide range of writing projects at all stages—generate ideas, do research, organize, draft, revise, and update. In gathering information from subject experts, we are innovative and flexible, using source documents, interviews, emails, group writing—exploring until we discover what works with each expert.


Aerospace technology, animation, artificial intelligence, biography, biology, branching, business software conversion, cloud, comparative literature, computer-based training systems, film, financial software conversion, fundamental science (fluid physics, combustion, microgravity, aero-acoustics, power, propulsion), information technology products and processes, intellectual property, interaction, interactive fiction, knowledge management, literary criticism, literary genre, literature, managing electronic writing teams, medical technology, probabilistic methods, quality assurance, simulation, space electronics, telecommunications, theater, and web design and management

Product types

  • Annual reports, brochures, newsletters, business plans, strategic plans
  • Contract proposals, grants, and fellowships
  • Documentation—software, hardware, and peripherals
  • Electronic product techniques—screens, branching, interaction, color, movement, graphics, simulation scenarios
  • Research articles and technical reports
  • Scripts and content for electronic media—computer-based training courseware, online documentation, field help, interactive fiction